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Terrazzo Classes

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  • Rustic Terrazzo: Terrazzo with a non-ground, textured surface, for exterior use. This system is available with Bonded and Monolithic Terrazzo
  • Bonded Terrazzo: A cement matrix and underbed system for interior and exterior areas where conditions require 30mm to 45mm of recessed depth to be filled in addition to the 13mm terrazzo topping.
  • Monolithic Terrazzo: This 13mm thick cement matrix veneer placed upon a provided concrete slab is dependent on the concrete quality for flatness and crack prevention. On grade or below grade only.
  • Polyacrylate Terrazzo: A nominal 10mm think polymer modified cement matrix veneer placed upon a provided level concrete slab. Polymer provides strength to allow for thinner applications of cementitious systems.
  • Epoxy Terrazzo: A nominal 6mm or 10mm thick resin matrix veneer placed upon a level concrete slab; Also can be specified with glass, synthetic, or granite aggregates in lieu of marble to provide brilliant colors or chemical resistance.
  • Sand Cushion Terrazzo: A cement matrix topping underbed with wire reinforcing, isolation sheet, and sand layer system for interior floor use.