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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a flooring community to which we can all be proud of. This industry needs regulation and the PCCA aims to help us self regulate. The PCCA intends to build a community or polished concrete professionals and Terrazzo professionals who want to improve themselves, their employees, their company and thier industry as a whole. By doing so we can improve our current industry and lay strong foundations for future growth.  In collaboration with industry and government stakeholders, the PCCA have made it our business to advance the interests & image of the Polished Concrete and Terrazzo Industry.

Our Story

After being in this industry for 2 decades us and our partners have seen a drastic increase in contractors working with polished concrete. Without any current formalised training available in Australia and no accosiation to lobby on our behalf, the Polished Concrete Council of Australia was started.

Are you a contractor new to the industry wanting to know more details about the concrete polishing process? Are you a veteran contractor wanting to learn about the most up-to-date technological advances and network with peers across the nation? The Concrete Polishing Council can help.

What is the Concrete Polishing Council of Australia(PCCA)?

The PCCA supports the concrete floor polishing and Terrazzo contractor with polishing/terrazzo-specific Position Statements, specifications, safety resources, online technical resources, certification (this is coming), and more, providing opportunities for contractors to become the most well-informed in the industry.

The PCCA is a valuable resource for architects, contractors, and owners/managers needing non-biased answers surrounding specifying, installing, or maintaining polished concrete and terrazzo.

The PCCA aims to have a  concrete polishing certification program and a Terrazzo certification program. We will work with accredited RTO’s and TAFE to create and validate programs that are best suited to our industry and members.

The founding members are internationally certified and have received both local eductaion and trades as well as international training. We hope to use our vast connections to facilitate learning and growth within the Australian industry.

The benefit to stakeholders and architects and builders is if they hire a company/contractor who is licensed and certified with the PCCA, is not only the unbiased information we can provide. But having contractors that you know are license and trained correctly in many aspects of polished concrete and terrazzo will hopefully result in better finishes and outcomes with your projects.

The PCCA belongs to the Australian FLooring Alliance and works with all key stakeholders to ensure a stronger future.