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Certificate III in Flooring Technology

cert 3 review

Draft 1 for the update to MSF30818 Certificate III in Flooring Technology has gone live. The IBSA and the TAC are requesting feedback on the qualification. You will see that included in this draft is the glass and glazing qualification we do not need to review this. The PCCA has pushed hard to start to get a better qualification for our industry. Rome was not built in a day so we are working towards implementing gradual changes to the certification. In this draft we changed some of the language and requirements for assessment in several subjects, we rearranged subjects to make a stream that is worthy for the polished concrete industry and created 2 new units. We want to ensure that all the RTO’s in Australia are able to and will run this subject with the polished concrete stream, if we requested too much change we run the risk that RTO’s would choose not to run these units which would mean this review had been a failure. This should allow trades to successfully get apprentices and work towards a more uniformly trained industry. We have also included a polished concrete skillset which was designed for those who already had a trade such as tilers, carpet and vinyl installers timber floor installers concreters to upskill in our area. The PCCA is also working with the RTO’s on improving their training materials to be more consistent with trade practices.

The Draft 1 will be open for feedback from public stakeholders until 8 July. I would encourage you to share this link with others who don’t belong to the PCCA, so they can review and provide comment or participate in the webinars. You can provide feedback directly to IBSA or please email any feedback back to and we will collate and provide the feedback on your behalf. IF you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Please find link to the newsletter promoting Round one public consultation.

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