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Home » ACI 310R-13: Guide to Decorative Concrete

ACI 310R-13: Guide to Decorative Concrete

310R-13 Guide to Decorative Concrete

This document was created in 2013 by the American Concrete Institute. To purchase this document from the ACI to read in full please clink the link below.

Key Learning Points For Polished Concrete

  • 3 phases of grinding and polishing concrete;
    • grinding,
    • honing and,
    • polishing.
  • The purpose of grinding is to flatten the surface and expose the intended amount of aggregate described and “class of grind”
  • The purpose of honing is to further refine the concrete removing the course scratches
  • The purpose of polishing is to further refine the floor removing scratches until you achieve the specified level of gloss
  • The Classes of polished concrete range from O for burnished to A-D describing increased levels of aggregate exposure
  • The level of gloss ranges from 0-4.

Key Learning Points for Decorative Overlays (Terrazzo)

  • Surface preparation is key to durability of the overlay
  • cracks and defects should be repaired prior to instalation of overlay
  • existing joints need to be noted and have a detailed plan for treatment
  • Consistency is a critical quailty control issue
  • Joints are required, depending on the material use, span, underlayment condition and repair application.