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Polished Concrete Council of Australia

Are you a contractor new to the industry wanting to know more details about the concrete polishing process? Are you a veteran contractor wanting to learn about the most up-to-date technological advances and network with peers across Australia?

The Concrete Polishing Council of Australia can help.

Free documents For Members

A large range of documents to help you and your customers navigate polished concrete and terrazzo


Learn about new and traditional methods of making, pouring, installing and finishing a range of terrazzo. Help with sourcing materials locally and internationally and data.

Australian Standards

Work with us to create and update Australian standards a licensing system and adeuqate training.

Classes of Polished Concrete

Keeping the decsription of different stages of polished concrete is key in creating a standard of work.


Specification documents, training materials, glass and marble supplies, colour supplies.


We are driven by values

The Polished Concrete Council of Australia are constantly on the lookout for new and improved technologies to bring to this industry. With a focus on polished concrete and Terrazzo we aim to work with our members in Australia bringing in new skills and products.

Let’s work together on improving our industry

Only together can we create a better working environment and increase the workmanship and quality of work across to board.